BHN offers complete Dementia care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

  • We provide Nurses or Nursing aids based on 24/12 hrs shifts.
  • Consultants, Neurologist, Psychiatrist required for formulating treatment plan for your loved ones
  • Regular visits by our consultants at your door-step.
  • Visit from our Gerontologist who has specialized in Geriatric care.
  • Formulating and coordinating their treatment plans with Doctor’s and family members.

Although an individual with dementia should always be under medical care, family members handle much of the day-to-day care. Medical care should focus on optimizing the individual’s health and quality of life while helping family members cope with the many challenges of caring for a loved one with dementia. Medical care depends on the underlying condition, but it most often consists of medications and nondrug treatments such as behavioral therapy.

Treatment of dementia focuses on correcting all reversible factors and slowing irreversible factors. This can improve function significantly, even in people who have irreversible conditions such as Alzheimer disease. Some of the important treatment strategies in dementia are described here.

Correcting drug doses and/or withdrawing misused drugs
Many seniors require ongoing medications for chronic conditions such as heart failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, prostate enlargement, and many others.

Reviewing these medications can reveal incorrect doses, drug interactions, side effects, or poor compliance (taking drugs inappropriately or not at all) that could be responsible for part or all of the person’s dementia symptoms.

Adjustment of doses, elimination of interactions, and development of a drug-taking regimen to ensure that the person takes his or her drugs as prescribed can help reverse symptoms.

Slowing progression of dementia
Dementia due to some conditions, such as Alzheimer disease, can sometimes be slowed in the early-to-intermediate stages with medication. Many different types of medications have been or are being tried in dementia. The medications that have worked the best so far are the cholinesterase inhibitors.