Obsessive compulsive disorder is a condition, which is characterized by a constant occurrence of compulsive behavior and obsessive thoughts. People across all ages are affected by this condition; in some cases, it might start early whereas, in others, it develops around the early years of childhood. This is a very distressing condition as it can cause significant interference in your daily life. It is recommended to get it treated at the earliest to manage its symptoms effectively.


Obsessive compulsive disorder causes an obsession about an unwanted (forbidden or unfounded) thought, urge or an image. This obsession may result in disgust, unease and feelings of anxiety. A compulsion is defined as a certain behavior that is usually repetitive, something that you tend to do over and over again to get rid of the constant anxiety. An example would be to constantly check the windows of the house resulting from an uncorroborated fear that the house may be burgled.

The causes of obsessive compulsive disorder are:

  1. Chemical imbalances in the brain marked by low serotonin levels
  2. Family history of OCD
  3. People who are meticulous, neat and methodical might develop OCD
  4. Certain traumatic events such as having been bullied or abused can also cause OCD


There are multiple treatment options. The aim of the treatments is to manage the symptoms and improve the quality of life. The treatments are:

  1. Medications: Certain antidepressants that alter the chemical imbalance in the brain can treat OCD.
  2. Psychological therapy: Counselling or cognitive behavioral therapy is very effective in treating OCD. Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to modify one’s thinking pattern and get rid of unnecessary fears and thoughts.

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