Chairman Message

Welcome to BHN Healthcare,

We are a thriving regional independent healthcare provider, anchored by the BHN Group of companies.

Gone are the days when doctors visited you in your home and one doctor met all of your family’s needs. Today’s specialties have changed the medical landscape and many doctors work together as a team to best meet patients’ various needs… Here at BHN we understand that healthcare is evolving.

Medical facilities, unfortunately, in our country are far from ideal. At BHN we plan to use the advance in medicine and strides in technology in providing access to better healthcare. We are committed to bringing advanced healthcare close to our patient’s doorsteps, so that you may remain close to home for medical care.

Fields of interest for BHN Healthcare are:

  • – Elder Healthcare and related geriatric problems
  • – Psychiatry based and the entire plethora of other psychiatric disorders including dual diagnosed cases.
  • – Stress related disorders and psychological counseling for Adults and Children.
  • – Drug De addiction, Rehabilitation.

BHN Healthcare is headed by the highly experienced Dr. Naazneen Ladak who along with our associated doctors will be here to help you and your loved ones when the need arises. The comfort and care of our patients is our major goal.

We are committed to ensuring that your needs are met and that your privacy is respected. And you also know that you’ll be treated like a real person, that you’ll get individual care from compassionate health professionals in a warm, caring environment.

BHN continuously strives to provide the latest state-of-the-art technology, a case in example the introduction for the first time in India of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for elder care and stress management. We have a dedicated 90 room retreat for Elder care in resort like conditions.

About Dr. Naazneen Ladak:

Dr. Naazneen Ladak has done her MBBS, DPM from India and MS Psychiatry and MSPAC from USA. She has practiced in US for over 10 years and brings along the rich experience and exposure of having worked there.

We would like to hear from you and encourage you to share your feedback with us so that we can work together to serve you better in the future.

Capt. Isbah Syed

Chairman - Capt. Isbah Syed

Dr. Naazneen Ladak